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Our 12 yr old daughter fell on the tennis court and injured her ankle. We went to the local urgent care who examined her and took an X-ray. They did not see any damage. She continued to have pain so we took her to an orthopedic doctor. They used an ultra sound and prescribed an MRI. The ultrasound was inconclusive and the MRI report showed no damage. However her pain continued. So we went to a 2nd orthopedic doctor to review the MRI and X-ray and they did not see any damage and prescribed physical therapy. The therapy did not help and the therapist thought something else was happening. Finally, we saw Dr. Blanken, a board certified podiatrist. First, he took a standing X-ray which clearly showed a minor break in the ankle. He reviewed the MRI and saw a partial ligament tear consistent with his examination. He then personally called the radiologist who drafted the MRI report. The radiologist admitted he made a mistake and could see the minor break and ligament tear. The radiologist amended his report. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Dr. Blanken for any foot injuries. If we saw him first, it would have saved many weeks of aggravation and lost time on the tennis court. Thank-you Dr. Blanken!
— Randall R.